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Josh Trach — April 25, 2023

One of the biggest difficulties for Learning & Development and Human Resource leaders is striking a balance between supporting enthusiastic learners who are self-directed and jump at opportunities to expand their skills along with the hesitant learners who require guidance to feel inspired and motivated to learn. 

To add further complexity, both groups of learners face a variety of personal and professional challenges they can’t solve alone, like leading others, avoiding burnout, improving confidence and kicking out imposter syndrome, and of course, being more productive.

Enrolling employees in the right courses, assigning mandatory books, or having experts come in and speak are all typical strategies of helping to solve these troubles, but can be timely and costly strategies.

So how can L&D and HR professionals get both sets of learners involved in their learning using expert advice that still fits in their budget?

Introducing Blinkist Guides

Blinkist Guides serve as just-in-time learning lessons addressing personal or professional challenges – with step-by-step guidance from trusted experts who have been there before. They combine the simple progression of online courses, wisdom from acclaimed books, and actionable advice.

For example, if your learners (or you!) are trying to be more productive, our “Beat Procrastination and Distraction” Guide led by author, lecturer, and investor Nir Eyal, would be a perfect place to start.


Like Nir’s, each Guide contains four key elements:

1. Advice, stories, and experiences straight from experts and authors


2. Supported reading or listening from the Blinkist library, whether it’s a key ideas from a Blink (book) or Shortcast (podcast)


3. Exclusive exercises and tools users can put into action


4. Simple, step-by-step progression along a guided course


Because Guides are broken down into bite-sized chapters that can be consumed in minutes, they’re easy to pick back up if you want to start one on the commute to work and finish it later that day while cooking.


Address the Skills Your People Need Most

LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report pulled together the top 10 skills companies need right now. Core human skills like management, communication, leadership, and teamwork ranked towards the top as they remain critical for employee growth and performance, especially in a largely hybrid or remote work world. 

Here are a few of our most popular Guides across those core skill competencies so that you can get started without having to do the research. If you’re looking to explore on your own, you can find Guides specifically tuned to sharpen these skills among many others on the Blinkist platform, both on web and the mobile app

Teamwork: Bring People Together While Working Remotely - Robert Glazer

Teamwork: Bring People Together While Working Remotely – Robert Glazer

Communication: Say "No," Set Boundaries - Natalina Pereira 

Communication: Say “No,” Set Boundaries – Natalina Pereira 

Management: Lead a Team You Didn’t Hire - Sally Page

Management: Lead a Team You Didn’t Hire – Sally Page

Leadership: Lead Through Meaningful Relationships - Ann Chow

Leadership: Lead Through Meaningful Relationships – Ann Chow

How to Accelerate Learning Programs with Blinkist Guides

Because Guides are broken up into short, individual chapters, you can share parts of the Guide or the entire piece directly with learners or via a shared Space.

We’ve seen several of our Learning and Development (L&D) customers sharing relevant Guides with their learners either before or after training to help them gain a better understanding of a topic or a fresh perspective. Blinkist Guides combine the benefits of books, podcasts, real-world exercises, and access to experts at a fraction of the cost, and no additional cost if you already have Blinkist Enterprise! With these interactive experiences, learners can dive deep into topics and achieve ongoing growth and development.

Start deepening knowledge and sharpening skills today! Blinkist Business clients can access Guides as part of their subscription on our mobile or web app.

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