Social Learning for 2023: How Blinkist’s New Feature is Paving the Way

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your culture of learning. Blinkist Spaces unlocks new levels of community, encouraging knowledge sharing and a better-performing work culture.

Blinkist for Business — January 17th, 2023

Sharing a book, podcast, or talk that has changed your life can be an incredible feeling. 

Not only do you get to relive the insights and revelations you experienced while consuming it, but you also have the opportunity to share those learnings with others and potentially inspire them in the same way. But the benefits of sharing recommendations go beyond personal satisfaction. 

Studies have shown that knowledge sharing and social learning within organizations lead to better organizational performance.

Plus, there are benefits to the organization’s culture and DNA:

  • Building trust
  • Fostering better collaboration
  • Improving communication
  • Facilitating learning and growth

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Learning in the Workplace

With more employees working remotely or in hybrid environments, it can be harder for new hires to meet and interact with others, and for existing employees to stay connected. This can lead to siloed learning and a lack of community and connection within the organization.

A 2021 study done by the Academy of Human Resource Development showed that a lack of interpersonal communication and learning communities impeded career development and organizational progress. That’s where Spaces comes in! 

What You Can Do with Spaces

Think of Spaces as your personalized book club or learning community that connects employees across the organization. You can create as many Spaces as you’d like, invite your colleagues or teams, and share Blinkist content. You can even add notes on why you’re recommending certain content to others.

From a culture and business perspective, with Spaces, you can:

  • Build (or rebuild) community: Deepen social learning and interactions between employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Accelerate innovation: Share knowledge and uncover new ideas and solutions around a common goal or topic.
  • Upskill current and future leaders: Create a sense of ownership and peer-led learning for the right audiences.


See Spaces in action:

Using Spaces within Your Organization

Creating a Space around any topic or group and sharing the link in your communication solutions like Slack, Microsoft Teams, intranet, etc is an easy and effective way to start conversations, get others thinking, and share learnings to spark new ideas. 

For example, let’s create a Space on mindfulness and productivity:

1. Create a Space with a single click


2. Add content recommendations and notes for coworkers on why they should check it out

3. Share Spaces across any of your communication channels

⭐ Pro tip: We’ve already seen organizations use Spaces across a wide variety of topics, audiences, and objectives. Below are a few ideas that may take off within your organization.

  • New manager groups: Spaces can be a great resource for new managers to connect with their peers to share ideas and best practices.
  • Parents: Recommend Blinks or Shortcasts with other parents, sharing insights and ideas on how to raise happy, healthy kids.
  • Executives: Many executives are using Spaces to personally connect with their employees and share insights and experiences.


Start using Spaces with your organization today!

Blinkist Business clients can access Spaces as part of their subscription on our mobile app.

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