Babbel Upskills
 New Managers with
 Coaching by Blinkist

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The culture at Babbel advocates for internal mobility, but a recent engagement survey showed that aspiring line managers wanted more leadership development training. Further, they wanted opportunities to connect with fellow aspiring line managers.

Enter Coaching by Blinkist! We worked with the team at Babbel to launch the ‘Aspiring Leaders’ cohort Coaching Pathway which gave aspiring line managers a taste of what’s to come in their new roles, gave them inspiration to take things a step further, and helped to strengthen Babbel’s learning culture by restoring a community of learning, even in a hybrid environment.

In this case study you will learn…

  • How Babbel turned a complex organizational shift into an important learning opportunity
  • What made cohort coaching sessions valuable for aspiring line managers 
 at Babbel
  • How the ‘Aspiring Leaders’ Coaching Pathway became a source of community for Babbel’s new managers.

Download the Case Study

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