More Than a Perk: How Blinkist Became a Key Resource in Hays’s L&D Ecosystem

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When Hays first introduced Blinkist, they didn’t have any structured objectives in mind. Rather, Hays simply opened the floor
for employees to let their curiosity guide them in selecting titles they found interesting. This approach turned out to
 be a key to their success with the app.

As Senior Supervisor at Hays Learning Center, Friedrich Menz, asserted, “It has
 to be self-directed. We want to make sure people have greater agency in what they learn, when, and how. I think Blinkist is a great opportunity that allows us to do just that: to give people more control over what they engage with, what they share, and how they spend their time – even in their private lives.”

Well, that curiosity skyrocketed adoption rates, and Blinkist has helped Hays
 to develop a workforce that is adaptable, curious, and reenergized to acquire new skills.

In this case study you will learn…

  • How Blinkist boosted learning engagement at Hays
  • How Hays used Blinkist to strengthen company culture
  • Which Blinkist data has helped drive learning decisions at Hays

Download the Case Study

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