Making Learning Accessible to All: Matillion’s Success into Diversified Learning Strategies with Blinkist

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Adapting to a hybrid work environment is hard. Employees are looking for new forms of learning content that align with their learning styles. Matillion has found a way to make learning accessible and engaging for their people through Blinkist.

While adapting to a hybrid work environment, it became clear that employees didn’t feel like they had time for longer-form, desktop-oriented learning content. To grow engagement and create a learning culture at all levels of the organization, Matillion needed to integrate bite-sized learning that accommodated different learning styles.

Blinkist functions beyond a digital bookshelf – but as a smart learning companion with thousands of titles and unique content that engage people’s interests in all areas of work and life.

In this case study you will learn:

  • How Blinkist enables learning
 in the flow of life by accommodating different learning styles
  • How Blinkist supports learning and business culture in an increasingly hybrid or remote work environment
  • Where Blinkist has been implemented in company processes to enhance learning outcomes
in Matillion’s L&D initiatives

Download the Case Study

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 Blinkist can help make learning accessible throughout the 
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Blinkist is a microlearning app that’s helping 23+ million people and 1,500+ organizations thrive by connecting them to powerful ideas from nonfiction bestsellers and popular podcasts via 15-minute text and audio.

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