How the Talent Development Team at Trustpilot Uses Blinkist to Inspire and Engage Employees


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Trustpilot was looking to develop a learning and feedback culture for their time-pressed and hybrid workforce that aligned with company values. Through expert-led guides, personally curated collections, and on-the-go audio summaries, the Talent Development team found Blinkist to be a holistic learning tool that doubled their learner activation rate, far exceeding expectations.

This introduction of Blinkist allowed Trustpilot to unlock their leadership team to inspire learners across the organization, helped employees develop a thoughtful approach to feedback, and increased the value-add of shared learning for all Trusties.

In this case study you will learn…

  • How Blinkist’s adoption rate has more than doubled Trustpilot’s expectations
  • How different teams at Trustpilot Use Blinkist to promote a culture of feedback
    and learning
  • The top reasons why the Global Head of Talent Development chose Blinkist

Download the Case Study

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