2 mins

Social Learning for 2023: How Blinkist’s New Feature is Paving the Way

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is your culture of learning. Blinkist Spaces unlocks new levels of community and encourages knowledge sharing and a better-performing work culture.

More Than a Perk: How Blinkist Became a Key Resource in Hays’s L&D Ecosystem

Find out how Blinkist has helped Hays
 to develop a workforce that is adaptable, curious, and reenergized to acquire new skills.
4 mins

Overlooked Productivity Tips for the Worker Who’s Tried Everything

We're all looking to grow, save time, learn more, be better in one way or another. But who has the time? I've done the heavy lifting for you by listening to over 20 Blinks on productivity to find the hidden gems.

Top L&D Trends 2014-2022: A Deep-Dive with Donald H. Taylor

Find out how priorities, trends, and challenges have shifted for L&D practitioners and which skills they will need to succeed in the years to come.
5 mins

Future-Proofing the Employee Experience, 2023 and Beyond

Steve Goldberg (HCM thought leader, HR tech leader at 5 Fortune 500's and Top 100 HR Tech Influencers) explores how the notion of an employee experience has evolved from the pre-Covid era to today, and how it will likely keep evolving in the coming years.
5 mins

Five Actionable Insights from an Honest D&I Conversation

During our quarterly Level Up, we held a panel discussion with 5 representatives of underrepresented communities at Blinkist to talk openly about their experiences with diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace and what challenges they face.